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Sullington Manor Farm Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Annali & Hitesh

Sullington Barn, Storrington, West Sussex

May propelled off my wedding season this year and what a way to start. I was very blessed to meet the wonderful couple Annali and Hitesh at a wedding fair last year. Annali and Hitesh fell in love with my attentiveness to detail and quality of the image. They loved the smaller cameras and my characteristic. I had lots of fun meeting up at Sullington Farm Barn, Storrington and preparing for their big day. It was going to be a merging of English and Indian culture with a humanist ceremony.

On the day the sun shone. The barn was decorated with such a charming character and it was a beautiful ceremony conducted by Jane Blackman. The groom had an arrival to African drumming. Lovely touches like 'warming the rings' getting the guests involved. The choir that Annali preforms with sang at the ceremony and the wonderful Jane personalising the ceremony with how they meet and the wonderful journey the two had gone on to get to their wedding day. The colourful bunting, family photographs, gifts of homegrown lavender and wonderful Indian food worked beautifully together and it was a delight to capture though the lens.

This wedding was full of colour, love and most important family and I hope you enjoy the photographs.

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