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Cissbury Barn Wedding Photographer

Zorina & Dan | Cissbury Barns - West Sussex

It had been a few years before their wedding day that I had met Zorina & Dan. Life gets in the way but for the better, as children are a healthy reason to postpone a wedding. Eventually, Their time had come to share their precious day with friends and family at the quaint venue of Cissbury Barns in West Sussex.

The morning began at one of the bridesmaid's homes before I headed to the venue. It was a relaxed morning. Dan had a surprise for Zorina which was a beautiful gift, in the form of a book to "The love of his life". This should help bring into context the photo below showing Zorina happily crying.

There was a moment in the day that was unexpected indeed. This was the first wedding in years since I had a technical malfunction. It reminded me of when I did my first wedding with one camera and two lenses. However, I didn't let it slow my day down.

Once bridal preparations had finished and Zorina revealed her stunning dress to the family. I hitched a ride with the videographers and met Zorina at the venues Family home for some quick photos with her dad before the ceremony.

The light at the venue was fantastic. The weather was hot but the fitting conditions for a wedding. Zorina and Dan had their four children with them. Their son as a ring bearer their youngest in the most adorable outfit which matched the bridesmaids. their other daughter as a flower girl and their little boy in a very cute groomsman outfit.

For Zorina and Dan, it was a heartfelt ceremony for both as it was long overdue. As a photographer, you can tell when someone is truly in love by the way they each look at one other during the vows. It's a lovely moment captured in time through an image. Something that never fails to get old. Once the ceremony had concluded and the confetti had been thrown, food had been eaten and drunk, They finished their day with a very beautiful first dance.

Once the selection was sent to them I received a short but lovely email that I cherish from any client. It's the very reason I give my own passion and love for every wedding I do. It's more to me than just capturing hundreds of pictures, hours spent editing that goes into documenting a day. It's capturing humanity and love in those pictures.

Enjoy the photo-film below and a selection of photos from their day. Feel free to like, comment and share below.

"Hi Chris

We are blown away by the photos so far, they are so beautiful. I don’t know where to start with them all they are just stunning!

Love to you all