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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

West Sussex - Frankie & Jacob

Back in May, I Photographed at the lovely Sparr Farm Wedding Photography for Frankie Day & Jacob Obong. Spare Farm is a family-run estate with the prospect of having future weddings there and it appeals to the documentary style of wedding photography and photographers alike. As it was late May the light was particularly nice in Sussex for that time of year but it did get chilly towards the end of the evening. However, with a bit of enthusiasm and a lightsaber, I tried something a bit different from documentary wedding shots but that is for later (See the light painting image before the end). Frankie and Jacob are very talented singers who specialise in K-Pop and it was very obvious that they were very much in love. Below you will see their photo film of their day and some of my favourite shots from the day hit play and enjoy. I met Frankie and her mum the previous year at a wedding fair. What struck me about Frankie was the amazing hair colour she sported And knew straight away she had a bubbly personality. It was wonderful to capture a very precious moment between Frankie and her Dad at Sparr farm and you could see how proud he was of Frankie. There was a lovely ceremony at St Mary's Church, Horsham, West Sussex. It is a stunning Church for any wedding ceremony and offered plenty of angles.

"Oh my god, Chris!! These photos are bloody amazing!! Thank you so much! We are absolutely overwhelmed! All our love, Frankie and Jacob X "

As with all weddings my clients always love to capture the emotion of their days in black and white but I always do my utmost to provide a variation in colour and monochrome. I always intended to provide images with honest editing as to preserve the emotion without complicated edited or "washed out filters" but it gives my clients the choice of both so they can relive those special moments in years to come.

Music is by © Paul Hankinson all rights to the music are solely theirs alone. His music can be found on Spotify Via the link available to download from the link:

Paul Hankinson - The Scientist (Piano Cover) For more information about Paul Hankinson and blog follow the link and description below. Released: 19th July 2019 Artist: Paul Hankinson ( Composed by Coldplay Performed by: Hankinson

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