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Mount Amelia Wedding Photographer

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Norfolk Wedding Krysia & Jonathan

Krysia and Jonathan celebrated an elegant day at a marvellous venue in the Norfolk countryside called Mount Amelia. With its charming grounds and holiday cottages encompassing the main house, it's a wedding venue that won't disappoint.

I met Krysia and Jonathan back when I had photographed another clients wedding the previous year. Zoe & Daz. To see that blog click here.

I'd left an impression as Krysia reached out to me the following year to ask me if I would photograph their wedding. I was sincerely honoured to be remembered and invited to capture a wedding for someone who was a guest at a prior wedding.

In this profession, There are factors of creating a genuine impression. In doing so these guests will remember what you were like. Leaving a lasting impression may give you that repeat business days, Months or even years down the line.

I arrived the day before as I was treated very much like a working guest as it were. Staying in the main house gave me an opportunity of what to expect on the day. It was also a good opportunity to introduce myself to the wedding events manager who was very helpful and made the day run smoothly for myself but also the wedding party.

Mount Amelia does remind me of the wedding I had captured in France. The decor and layout of the house were very similar and the light inside the house was a photographers dream. Rooms were ideal for bridal prep as they were large, Giving me a lot of movement during the morning.

Krysia and Jonathan's wedding day was very laid back and had a relaxed vibe. It meant family and friends are more open-minded to being photographed. This largely occurs at the weddings I capture so its never really an issue.

Morning bridal preparations were relaxed. Krysia had her daughter as a bridesmaid and her son as a best man/ring bearer. The ceremony took place outside with glorious sunshine and clear skies. So much so you could see down to the Norfolk coast from the house. It was a beautiful ceremony surround by loving family and friends.

After the ceremony guests milled around outside before being called in for the reception meal. It was exquisitely finished that had a wall of roses and elegant table floral arrangements. The food for the reception was astonishing with a BBQ that followed in the evening. After the reception it felt more like friends on holiday with one another than a formal reception. This made the day that much more laid back with everyone enjoying themselves til sunset.

Check out the photo-film from their day. This was a slightly different approach to my usual style. This uses all of the Jpegs from that day and turned into a stop motion video. Enjoy.

Can’t wait to see the wedding pics - very excited as we still remember it as the best day ever!! It seems a distant memory now.

Sending you much love! Krysia x