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Brighton Wedding Photographer

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Natalie & Stuart

Brighton town hall & sea front

May is a glorious time for weddings especially when it is beautiful hot and sunny 28 degrees and the wedding you are photographing is in the sea side city of Brighton, West Sussex. It was a delight to walk the coast line with the wedding party and soak up the sun, the sea and the busy atmosphere.

Natalie and Stu love Documentary style photography and asked me to capture their moments, not necessarily the posed shots. At our pre initial meeting over coffee sitting at a cafe on the Brighton coast, we talked about a relaxed style of photography. They spoke my language. Capturing their story that will last a life time.

Claire and I headed off to Brighton for a lunchtime wedding at Brighton Town Hall on 24th May 2017 to capture this beautiful couple commit their lives to each other.

Arriving at the town hall we met 14 members of Natalie and Stu's family. It was a small, simple intimate wedding. After the ceremony, we headed through the busy streets of Brighton before reaching our destination....the beach coast.

As the wedding party walked towards the sea front, on lookers clapped and congratulated the newlywed couple. It was a delight to witness. We could have been mistaken for being abroad with the aqua sea and blue sky. Families enjoying ice cream and listing to live music. It was a beautiful memorable walk.

Through out the afternoon, we presented photographs and showed the couple what we were capturing. Before we left them to celebrate at the pub they receive a small gift of photographs from us.

These are a few of our favourites from that wonderful day.

Hope you like them.

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