Ravenswood Wedding Photographer

Amanda & Mehdi - East Grinstead, West Sussex

This lovely couple celebrated their day at the astounding Ravenswood Venue. It's far-reaching history dates back to Henry VI reign. Although its current and more core parts of the house were added in the later years of Queen Victoria's reign.

Amanda & Medhi had a blended cultural wedding, Mixing Iranian and English traditions. This was the first type of wedding I had photographed. When you meet someone embracing each other's culture, heritage has to be a stronger way of learning and loving your significant other. The wedding itself was marvellous to see this happen and photograph.

The day itself was enjoyed by all but it was solemn for the groom as part of his family were unable to attend the ceremony. With the brilliance of technology, His family were able to observe the days proceedings via video link. Although it may not have equated to being there, There is greater importance than the closeness of family. So being able to do this by way of "live streaming" meant that it was possible to be enjoyed by Mehdi's family.

With all weddings, I began my morning with Bride Amanda and her bridesmaids. Don't get me wrong I love to capture everything about a wedding. I do however relish bridal preparations as you get to see the "mental build-up" of some brides which you'll see in one of my favourite portraits (twelve image down) during the final moments in the run-up to the ceremony. I'm glad I captured that image as it shows innocence, vulnerability but also a level of surrealism. You do also get to see this precipitate when Grooms wait for their brides when they walk up the aisle.

Below are some of my favourite images from the day. Also, I have been experimenting with the "stop-motion" wedding slideshows. This is where I take every JPEG image from the day and stitch them together to end up with what you will see below. Lovely music is provided by Paul Hankinson. His credit and where to find his music can be ascertained at the bottom of the page.

Released: 2017

Artist: Paul Hankinson

Album: Echos of a Winter Journey (https://music.apple.com/gb/album/hankinson-echoes-of-a-winter-journey/1299693109)

Composed by Paul Hankinson Performed by: Hankinson

Website: https://www.hankinsonmusic.com

Are you looking for a wedding photographer? please feel free to get in touch via the website by heading to the "contact page". Check out my instagram page to see daily updated content instagram.com/cbirdphotographer . See more of my folio on the homepage and other blogs. Everyone has a story to tell, Let me tell yours. If you're interested in finding out about this venue and wanting to plan you're day head over to https://www.theravenswood.co.uk for more information. This charming venue has some lovely ruins a short walk from the main house and there are plenty of little locations that are great for couples where they can be photographed. This estate was built in 1426 during Henry VI's reign. This is a venue that wont fail to disappoint any prospective couple looking to getting married in the South East of England.

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