Switching to Fujifilm camera's

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Remembering those first steps into the world of Fujifilm X-Series Camera's

As I look back on what I have achieved, lost and what could be, There was a moment that will stick out as when I first came across Early Fujifilm X-Systems Fujifilm X100.

It was at an annual photography convention that I attended with my former mentor and lecturer at the Birmingham NEC. I have always been aware of Fujifilm in the market as Lens makers, early digital cameras and print products.

Fujifilm had just revealed the X100. It had an unassuming booth compared to the giants of Nikon and Canon. It wasn't out to take the world by storm, It was a simple clean booth which had the first X-series cameras.

I picked up the X100 and felt almost familiar and nostalgic of an Olympus camera I had played with when I was a little kid. As I held it in my hands and put my eye up to the viewfinder, I knew then that this concept and camera would change how photographers enjoy capturing images.

That being said It wouldn't be for me until a few years later where a trip to the Scottish Highlands and. The Hebrides that my mind was now made up and when I returned home, to take all my Nikon Equipment trade it in and start again with three lenses one camera and a fresh approach of capturing images.

A trip to the Isle of Skye would more or less make my mind up to switch to Fujifilm. I was in the beautiful part of the country and didn't enjoy capturing images with my former equipment.
Skye and lot's of it..

Before I began to photograph weddings again or changing my outlook on what I wanted as a working photographer, I just went out and took pictures. Reminding myself the very reason why I fell in love with photography.

My first photographs which are in this post were my first using the X-Series systems and I haven't looked back. I shoot both RAW and JPEG but I shoot in black and white. Although I shoot RAW which retains all the colour information, The Jpegs are produced in Black and White with a G Filter (Green Filter)

I have always loved Monochrome imagery. I always believed it is a very strong narrative as well as shooting in colour. That being said it isn't a case of taking a monochrome image and running it through Lightroom. THere is that previsualization where the image shows different tones, shadowing, contrast etc that goes into making a strong image.

And as the famous last words, the rest is history. What did you think?

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